Cleaning Operatives Still Not Being Paid National Living Wage

i-Clean Systems, a best practice benchmarking organisation has reported that despite the National Living Wage being introduced on the 1st April this year, some cleaning operatives are not being paid it. Contractors are claiming that it’s simply down to a delay in their payroll systems, other’s have suggested that their clients have refused to fund…

The Importance of Hotel Cleanliness

As a commercial cleaning company that specialises in providing a wide range of cleaning services to the hotel industry we were not surprised to read that new research revealed that 80% of people would check out of a hotel if it did not meet their hygiene and cleanliness standards. Four out of five people would…

Never Before Seen Beatrix Potter Drawings Found During Cleaning

Cleaners at Melford Hall made a surprise discovery during routine cleaning work as they found four never-before-see drawings by author Beatrix Potter.

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House Cleaning Robo Dog

A new ‘robotic dog’ capable of cleaning up after it’s human ‘masters’ has recently been unveiled.  It’s been designed to navigate within tight confines and can wriggle underneath tables and pick up objects.  It’s a dab hand at housework too and can sort through dirty dishes, place glassware in the dishwasher and dispose of the…