Information Security Policy

Unique Support Services recognises its responsibility to protect information owned by or in the care of USS and in conjunction with Cortec IT, our IT provider this policy provides a framework for the management of information security.

It applies to all staff employed by USS, all systems attached to USS computers or networks, all data processed by USS regardless of whether it is processed electronically or by hard copy form, any information sent to or from USS and any internal information held either or site or externally.

It also applies to any sub-contractor or 3rd party company employed by or working on behalf of USS that has access to USS equipment, systems or network.

Unique Support Services recognises the role of information security in ensuring that users have access to information they require to carry out their work.  Information systems underpin USS activities and are essential to the business.  Any reduction in the confidentiality, integrity or availability of information could prevent from USS performing properly.  Moreover, the loss or unauthorised disclosure of information has the potential to damage USS or its clients / suppliers reputation and cause financial loss.

Unique Support Services is committed to protecting the security of its information and systems to ensure that:-

  • The integrity of information is maintained and accurate and fit for purpose.
  • Information is available to those that need it and there is no disruption to the business
  • Confidentiality is not breached
  • The reputation of USS and its clients/suppliers is safeguarded

In order to meet these aims, Unique Support Services is committed to implementing security controls that conform to current industry practice and ensuring that personal data is handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR).  The following responsibilities will be adhered to:-

  • Risk assessments will be carried out to identify and classify the nature of the information held and the adverse consequences of security breaches
  • The risk assessment will be carried out by Paul Vincent, Managing Director
  • Users with access to confidential information will be vetted appropriately
  • Confidential information will be kept securely using dedicated storage and will be stored in such a way that only authorised persons can access it
  • All devices including portable devices will be encrypted
  • The password of any encrypted device will not be stored with the device
  • Passwords will be changed on a regular basis and never written down
  • Passwords to user accounts will not be shared with other users
  • A remote wipe will be initiated on any mobile phone if lost or stolen
  • Penetration tests will be carried out annually by a specialist 3rd party company to check the security of our network

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